Speaker cable theory – intro

So this article is a basic “speaker cable theory” – It’s an indepth analysis, of the theory that couldn’t be fitted in my “how to make a speaker cable” articles – A lot of things being said about good speaker cable, and a lot of those things simply aren’t true 😉

Disclaimer: I’m not an engineer, but i have read alot of forums and discusdions on the net – and are now giving you an extract of that accumulated knowledge.

Seems like there has been alot of religion and voodoo mumbojumbo of what makes a good speaker cable, and a lot of it has to do with the marketing department trying to make more money. There are obviously different aspect to take in consideration when looking for a new cable and alot of it has to do with the looks and the feels. That being said, there are actually some things that influence the sound quality and we’ll try to figure out what they are.

  • Cable lenght
  • Guage (Thinkness)
  • Impedance

You can’t really know how a cable will sound before you try it in your invironment. Try it on you own setup and judge it only on how good it sounds. 😀

Don’t make the quit normal error and think that just because it sounds differt, it must be better… sometimes it just soubds different 🙂

and finaly, before gou go out abd buy new speaker cable, just try to switch cable between your two speakers. sometimes the cable connection to rhe speaker het weak because of irring og corrosion. By just deconnect and reconnecting them some of the waist will be removed. Give it a try. it costs zero dollars and cloud cleen up your sound 😀

Remember to listing! 😀



Things that DO not affect the sound (Link)


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