Testing my new Variacs (Variable AC Transformer) Lübcke Vario

So i’ve just bought two old Variable AC transformers. Also called Variac.

Whenever i buy an old vintage amplifiers that hasn’t been turned on for years it is best to the give the old equipment a slow start and gradually turn up the voltage while you take measurement on the amplifier to see if everythings works as planned.  This is the main purpose of my variac.

So why did you buy two? For no reason. The price was very good, and i bought them used “as is”,so i didn’t know if they were working. It seemed logically to take both of them. 🙂

1. Lübcke Vario

Type: SR54-260b

Voltage: 0 – 260v

A: 3A


2. Unknown

Type: 84534-01

Nr. 56927

Voltage: 0- 260v

A: 4A


Please see the youtube video for the detail inspection and testing

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