Restoring an scratchy and old turntable top cover

In this tutorial, i’ll show how make and old and scratchy turntable cover as new.

I’ll soon post my before and after pictures here:

Project difficulty: Easy

Estimated project time: 120 minutes

All you need is

Sanding paper – Grit 600, 1000, 3000 – like this

Polish – like this one

Cloth to wipe the cover afterwards

Water to remove sanding dust

just tap water : D

A friend to say wow when you are done




  1. Remove the dust cover / lid
  2. gently sand all the scratches
    1. for big scratches use grid 600
    2. otherwise 1000 and finish with 3000
  3. clean with water
  4. Use a cloth to make it dry
  5. Now polish with the polish compound
  6. Clean with water
  7. Use cloth to wipe of the water
  8. Show it to your friend! (wait on the wow)
  9. You’re done! 😀


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