Luxman turntable Pd 284

Just reacently bought a the Luxman PD 284 turntable. The used Price in Denmark is around 400$ (2017) , but i got mine for 150$ and i consider that a bargain.

Though it is was considered an Luxman entry turntable in the 80s it’s a remarkable excelent  turntable compared  to modern standards.

It’s comes with both 33 and 45 speed and has a build in strobelight to adjust the platter speed. 

Luxman PD284 is a directdrive motor and though beltdriven turntable in general is better, the Luxman PD284 is exception and is equally good compared to highend beltdrives.

The arm is extreme lightweight and is a perfect match for lightweight cartridges.

All in all the Luxman PD284 is a very good turntable and which is often sold at a bargain Price. In Denmark 2017 Price is from $400 all the way Down to around a $100 if you are lucky.

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